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The Indian Quizzing League, Chennai (or IQL) is a non-profit organization aimed at spreading the concept of knowledge sharing in the country and also provide a forum for quiz enthusiasts to present their skills and quiz regularly.

IQL is run a bunch of like minded people who get together every week to spread the joy of quizzing to one and all. "Two questions a day keeps our challengers at bay" is the Motto that the IQL has been displaying on its sleeves since Day One. This means that IQL would be making at least 2 questions each day in the quest to be the best !!

IQL goes by the concept of knowledge sharing, whereby in each meeting, aspects other than quizzing are presented and shared with each other.

IQL annually conducts "India Unplugged Open Quiz" on Republic Day in Chennai. The event attracts Quizzers from across the country.

IQL organizes and conducts professional and fun based quizzes for a number of schools, colleges and companies based in and around the city. For more details on IQL, please visit www.iql.co.in/

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